Kick start your marriage with a kick-ass wedding!


Hi! I’m Sarah,

I created East Coast Pop Up Weddings because as a JP, I saw a trend happening in people moving towards smaller, more intimate wedding celebrations. People are looking to celebrate their nuptials in a meaningful way without the endless to-do lists that often accompany weddings. I want to offer a fun alternative for unique couples who wanted to get married their own way. A tiny wedding allows you to celebrate in a way that’s tasteful, adventurous, and reflective of your personality.

The goal of East Coast Pop Up Weddings is simplicity, low-stress, and sometimes a bit of spontaneity, all while creating a celebration that’s ceremony focused and real. I'm so excited about offering wedding services that are authentic and reflect each couple. It’s your wedding day, it should be about you! 

Drop me a line! I look forward to speaking with you.